Maria Rose Music and Munchies

I loved music since before I was born…..

When my mother was pregnant for me, she played a nun in the musical ‘The Sound of Music’. She credits my love for music to spending all of those months at rehearsals, tucked away in her womb, quietly eavesdropping. I was then aptly named Maria after the main character of that play.

My name is Maria Rose and I’m a professional musician who loves sharing easy vegan recipes and lifestyle tips for the vegan curious.

To me, a full, enriched life includes delicious food, good music and great company. I believe veganism should be approached in the same way.

If you’re having a hard time making veganism stick because you feel like you’re “missing” something, or if you’re making the switch from vegetarian (I was vegetarian for 9 years) to vegan, I’m here to help.




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    Let me show you how to live an abundant, joyful vegan lifestyle where you won’t feel like you’re “missing” a thing.

    With this blog & my YouTube channel, I’ll introduce you to a whole new range of easy, delicious foods while entertaining you with some tasty tunes along the way.

    Maria Rose Music and munchies

    I decided to start Music & Munchies when I noticed all I could talk about was a new book on nutrition I had read or a vegan recipe I couldn’t wait to try.

    I was bursting with knowledge and passion. I decided to expand my reach and share this knowledge on this blog.

    Maria Rose Music & Munchies

    This community is not about judgment or perfection, but about progress. Even if you progress slowly (it took me years). You can help change the planet one vegan meal at a time.

    When you visit Music & Munchies, you are a part of this inspiring, fun community of creative, passionate vegans & the vegan curious.

    This site should be your fun respite from the non-vegan world where you feel like you belong and are reminded why veganism is awesome and enriches your life.

    Veganism is the best thing we can do at the moment for the animals, the planet and our health (if we eat a whole foods, plant-based diet). I truly believe this and I want to help as many people as I can find their way to this lifestyle.

    I hope this blog gets you excited about vegan cooking, inspires you to think about your food choices, and who they affect, and entertains you with some tasty tunes in the process.

    Let’s inspire each other to live creatively and with compassion for every living being.