What the hell do I do with Asparagus?

If you’ve never cooked asparagus before and don’t know what the hell to do with it, this post is for you! Welcome to my new series called “what the hell do I do with this”? where I teach you how to cook ingredients you’re not familiar with, or inspire you to get out of a rut and cook a familiar ingredient in a new way. Let’s learn how to cook asparagus. Kid friendly, easy, beginner recipes for asparagus.

Well, hello there. If you’re reading this during spring, then you know what time it is: ASPARAGUS TIME! Everywhere you turn you see these slender, green beauties.

They look so lovely, but you never put them in your cart because you just don’t know what the hell to do with them! Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut and always cook them the same way and you’re just bored to absolute tears with it.

Welcome to my new series called “What the hell do I do with this?” Together, we will expand our cooking knowledge and learn to cook with unfamiliar ingredients, or get inspired with new ways to cook familiar ingredients.

I’m a very curious home cook and I love learning how to work with new flavors and ingredients. I’ll be learning right along with you, so we will be going on this culinary journey together.

First, let’s learn a little about this glorious, green queen. A half of a cup of cooked asparagus has 34% of your RDI of folate, 57% of your vitamin K, 18% of your vitamin A and 12% of your vitamin C. Pretty cool! It’s also full of disease fighting anti-oxidants and is great for digestion because of its high fiber content.

Not bad for such a little guy.

A bit of a weird transition but, do you notice that asparagus makes your pee smell? I thought this happened to everyone but then I learned that you can only detect this smell if you have a certain gene. Wild, right?




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    Apparently asparagus has this compound called asparagusic acid that when broken down, makes your urine smell. But here’s the catch, there is a theory that either some people don’t have the gene that allows you to detect the smell in your urine, or that their bodies don’t break down the compound into it’s smelly part. Interesting, huh!? Let me know in the comment below if you have this gene or not!

    So, let’s get on with it! My first recipe is for those of you that have never cooked asparagus before. This is a really easy way to cook asparagus that will make it delicious every time. We’re going to sautee asparagus with some garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and pine nuts.

    Sautéed Asparagus

    How to cook asparagus
    How to cook asparagus

    Easy Sautéed Asparagus

    Yield: 4
    prep time: 2 Mcook time: 6 Mtotal time: 8 M
    Easy, basic sauteed asparagus. Perfect introduction to this delicious, nutritious spring vegetable. Fantastic side dish


    • 1 bunch of asparagus
    • 1 clove of garlic, minced
    • 1-2 tsp of olive oil
    • Handful of cherry or grape tomatoes
    • Handful of pine nuts
    • Salt & pepper to taste
    • 2 TBL of water


    How to cook Easy Sautéed Asparagus

    1. Trim woody, tough bottoms off of asparagus
    2. Put asparagus in a big bowl of water and rinse well
    3. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium high heat - about 1 minute
    4. Add in the asparagus and garlic - cook for 2 minutes
    5. Add in water and let it cook through the rest of the way - about 1 minute
    6. Add tomatoes & pine nuts - cook for 1 minute
    7. Season well with pepper and salt
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    For our next recipe, we’re going to take it up a notch. When I first did a google search on “the best way to cook asparagus” pretty much every post was about roasting these suckers. I definitely agree with google. Roasting always brings out the sweet, caramelized deliciousness of foods.

    This recipe is perfect if you’ve cooked asparagus before, but you want a fun new way of using it. My creamy orzo pasta with roasted spring vegetables will knock your socks off. It’s the perfect recipe to make to impress your guests at a dinner party.

    Creamy orzo pasta with roasted vegetables

    How to cook asparagus

    For my last trick, we’re going to be making asparagus fries. It’s such a fun way to make asparagus that pleases even the pickiest eaters. It’s also a sneaky way to get your kids to eat their greens.

    Asparagus fries are a fun ,new take on this glorious, green vegetable. I love how crunchy these come out. Treat these exactly like you would fries and serve them with your favorite dips: ketchup, vegan mayo, bbq sauce….whatever your heart desires!

    Asparagus Fries

    How to cook asparagus

    Asparagus Fries

    prep time: 10 Mcook time: 15 Mtotal time: 25 M
    Fun, delicious way to get kids or picky eaters to eat their greens. These crunchy, satisfying asparagus fries are super tasty.


    • 1 bunch of asparagus
    • 1 cup of panko bread crumbs
    • 1 TBL garlic powder
    • 2 tsp salt
    • 1 TBL nutritional yeast
    • 1/2 cup of flour
    • 4 TBL ground flax seed mixed with 8 TBL water (our egg replacement)
    • Big ziploc bag


    How to cook Asparagus Fries

    1. Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees
    2. Trim off woody, tough bottoms of asparagus
    3. Rinse asparagus well to get rid of any dirt
    4. Cut asparagus into thirds so they're about fry length
    5. Mix together bread crumbs, salt, nutritional yeast and garlic powder in a bowl.
    6. Make your flax egg in a separate mug
    7. Place asparagus in a big, Ziploc bag
    8. Pour in flour and shake the bag to coat asparagus well
    9. Pour in the flax egg and shake the bag to coat asparagus well
    10. Pour in the bread crumb mixture and shake bag to coat asparagus well
    11. Place on a lined baking sheet, spread the asparagus out
    12. Drizzle olive oil over tops of asparagus - season with a little more salt
    13. Bake for 15 minute or until golden brown
    14. Serve with favorite dip: ketchup, BBQ sauce, vegan mayo
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    And there you have it! I hope I inspired you to grab a bunch of this beautiful vegetable and get to cooking! Let me know what your favorite recipe was in the comments below!

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    Happy munching!