What to expect at your first pole class

what to expect at your first pole class

You've been eyeballing that pole studio every day on your way home from work but you still haven't built up the nerve to book your first class.  Maybe you think you're not young, strong or flexible enough to pole dance.  Are you freaked out at the thought of hanging upside down by your legs?  

Don't worry, my loves.  You have nothing to be afraid of.  I'm here to show you some things to expect from your first pole class because I promise you, it's 1000 times more fun and 5000 times less scary than you think.   We tend to make things scarier in our heads when we don't know what to expect from it.  I hope this post helps to dispel some fears about trying a pole class. 

No, you don't have to have Super Man strength to get started

While every studio is different, most beginning pole classes follow a certain routine.  You do not have to have a lot of upper body strength or flexibility for what you learn in the beginning.  You won't even think about going upside down for a while.

  • You will start with some sort of gentle warm up to get your blood flowing and get you connected to your body.

  • After you're warmed up, the first thing you usually learn is how to walk. Yes, how to walk. It sounds easy, but there's a lot more to a confident, sexy strut than you might think and it takes practice.

  • Next, you'll probably learn how to walk around the pole and some very basic spins.

  • After you learn a few spins, you might then learn a very short routine that puts those moves together


Photo by Spilt Sugar

what to expect from your first pole class

Get ready to be surrounded by insanely supportive women

When you become part of the pole community, it's like stepping into this magical place where everyone cheers you on and you learn to embrace your sensuality and body; cellulite and all.  The world of pole is a beautiful place where you're safe to explore parts of yourself that are pushed aside in your everyday life.  

Since pole dancing can be very intimate and vulnerable, the pole community thrives on creating a supportive and encouraging environment. This helps you to feel more relaxed and at ease so you dig deeper and try new tricks and moves.  

Get ready to have the people in your class give you tons of encouragement when you try a move and cheer like crazy when you finally land it. The friends you make from pole class are the absolute best.  


There are many different types and styles of classes 

Make sure to read the description of the classes at your local studio and find one that you feel comfortable with.  Most studios offer a variety of classes.  A good place to start is an "intro to pole" or "beginner pole class."  

What to wear

Here are some things to bring to class:

  • Exposed skin helps you stick to the pole. At the beginning stages, you won't need to stick to the pole just yet. A great outfit to wear would be yoga shorts or pants with a tight fitting top. Baggy clothes don't do well in pole since you won't be able to see and connect with your body as well. Tighter fitting clothes also help you to check your posture and alignment better.

  • Make sure not to put on any lotion on the parts of your body that will be touching the pole. Lotion messes up the poles and makes you slip which is no fun at all.

  • Bring some water. You'll be more thirsty than you think

  • Some studios encourage heels. Try a couple classes without the heels first, then bring them when you feel ready.

  • If you get sweaty hands, bring a hand towel.

Most studios welcome male pole dancers


Men are amazing pole dancers.  I've been in a couple of classes with men, and I'm always amazed at how easy you make it look.  If you're a man who is interested in pole dancing, check your studio to see if the classes are co-ed.  A lot of studios are nowadays.  


And there you have it.  Some things to help get your sexy booty to your nearest pole studio.  Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!  I love seeing our pole community grow.