International Pole Convention 2018


I went to the International Pole Convention of 2018 in Orlando Florida aka PoleCon.  What an amazing time I had!  I went with my pole performance team from Detroit and we performed in the "troupes" showcase. 

I joined my pole performance team in January of 2018.  We have been working on choreography and our goal is to become like any other professional dance troupe where you audition to get in and you have a set repertoire and you're paid for your performances. 

I used to be involved in a lot of theatre and sports, so I missed being part of a team.  This pole team has been like glitter and sparkles for my loner, introverted soul.


In the pole world, there are showcases and conventions and then competitions.  PoleCon was a showcase with workshops and not a competition.  I really liked this because it gave the performers more freedom to express themselves and they weren't as tied down to a points system like in the competitions. 

The showcases can also be a place for world pole athletes to practice for the bigger competitions.  We saw a wide range of dancers from sexy, technical, athletic and fun.  They had a wide range of showcases including: Black girls pole showcase, Youth, Contemporary, Up & Coming, Men of pole dance, groups and troupes and many more.

I also loved how inclusive PoleCon is.  They strive to be diverse and provide a stage for dancers of all races, sexual orientations, genders and body shapes.  


Since I didn't have a car, the vegan options were a little slim.  They were also very expensive because we stayed in a resort right by Universal Studios.  I had a breakfast buffet one morning that was $30 and my only options were fruit and potatoes.  Even the oatmeal had milk in it!


But it wasn't all overpriced and limited.  One of my teamates introduced me to UberEats. We were able to get delicious Middle Eastern food delivered right to us for a very reasonable price.

If I did this again, I would also check to see if Shipt delivers in that area and I would buy a few snacks to have on had for breakfast and lunch. 

So, there you have it!!! What it's like to go to a pole convention.  If you're interested and haven't tried pole, get your ass to pole class! I promise you won't regret it. It will open you up to a whole new world.  Here is a video I did explaining why pole dance is so amazing