How stop your menstrual cup from leaking when you have a heavy period

Learning how to get your menstrual cup to stop leaking can be frustrating. Here are some tips on how to stop your menstrual cup from leaking, especially if you have a heavy period. Great tips and trick for how to use a menstrual cup with a heavy period.

Tips for stopping your menstrual cup from leaking when you have a heavy period. Leak free menstrual cup advice. #menstrualcup #period

I had a love, hate, love relationship with menstrual cups. I’ve been using one since 2005 and it hasn’t always been pretty. To be brutally honest, every month looked like a murder scene.

I have a tilted cervix and a ridiculously heavy period. All of these made using a cup difficult at first.

My flow is heaviest the first two days, and before I cracked the menstrual cup code, I just expected leaks on these days.

It took me over a decade and five different cups but I finally CRACKED THE MENSTRUAL CUP CODE this year!

I know you must be thinking “why the hell did you stick with it for so long when it constantly leaked and frustrated you”?

Well, because I really believe in them. I love how much better for the environment and your body they are.

Get to know your vag

To find a cup that works for you, you need to figure out if you have a high, medium or low cervix height. Here is a video that will help you with that . This will determine if you need a shorter cup.

You also need to choose a softer or firmer cup depending on your tightness. I’ve generally found softer cups work better for creating suction and preventing leaks. I had used firm cups and I finally got them to stop leaking when I used a softer cup.

Since you clicked on this post, I imagine you have a heavy flow. I would suggest to get the larger size of the cup you’re going to buy, regardless of if you’ve had a child or not.

It also helps to know if your cervix is tilted. If you’ve done everything right and it still leaks, this could be the culprit. Just ask your gynecologist at your next pap appointment.

If your cervix is tilted, it’s no big deal, you just have to insert your cup a bit lower. More on this in a minute.

Tips for stopping your menstrual cup from leaking when you have a heavy period. Leak free menstrual cup advice. #menstrualcup #period

Be prepared to try a few different cups

I’ve been through five cups until I finally found my favorite one that DOESN’T LEAK. This is true for most people. You’re extremely lucky if you find a cup that works for you right away.

CUP # 1 My first cup was the Diva Cup size A. This used to be the only cup you could find. It was too firm and long for me and it ALWAYS leaked. Even on my lighter days

CUP #2 was the Diva Cup size B. I thought a bigger size would mean it wouldn’t leak. I was wrong.

I then gave up and used organic tampons for a few years until I wanted to give it a whirl again. Newer cups had been coming out and I started doing some more research.

CUP #3 was the Yukki cup, which was the first cup to have a large capacity. This one was hit or miss. Every 6 cycles, I would have a leak free cycle. I kept this one for about three years. This cup fit well, but was very firm and often hurt while taking it out. I could never get it to seal properly because of its firmness. They have since made a soft version, so it might be improved and worth a try.

CUP #4 After a few years I saw everyone raving about the Lunette cup. They swore that it never leaked. I got it, and it leaked. This cup is also a bit firm.

CUP #5 A year later, I saw some info on the Super Jennie. I got it in its large size. It is a high capacity cup and it’s also pretty soft. I’d never tried a softer cup before. It took me about 3 cycles and now, every cycle I’m leak free during the day. Nights, all bets are off because I can’t empty it regularly and it gets full.

Tips for stopping your menstrual cup from leaking when you have a heavy period. Leak free menstrual cup advice. #menstrualcup #period

Make sure you’re putting it in right (that’s what she said…no…really)

I also learned I was putting my cup in too high. Some people do well with it in this position, but since my cervix is tilted back toward my tailbone, it always spelled disaster (again with the murder scene)

After years of tweaking and watching YouTube tutorials, I learned where I should be placing the cup:

When you first slide the cup in, it will feel tight. You’re inserting it in the vaginal canal.

You will then feel a little notch - that’s your pubic bone - and after the notch, it will feel like your vagina opens up into a little more space.

Place the cup lip right above the pubic bone, so that it’s resting on top of that notch.

If the cup is sticking out of your vagina, you need to find a shorter cup, or trim the stem of your menstrual cup.

To get the cup to open, make sure your vaginal muscles are relaxed. Turn the cup as you gently squeeze the bottom of it with your fingers until it opens.

Once it’s opened, do 10 kegals to make sure it gets a good suction.

Tips for stopping your menstrual cup from leaking when you have a heavy period. Leak free menstrual cup advice. #menstrualcup #period #periodhealth

Change your cup every two hours on your heavy days

The first two days of my period are the heaviest. To make sure I stay leak free, I try to change my cup every two hours.

It’s also a good idea to wear menstrual underwear at night or when you’re not able to change your cup as much.

To sum it all up:

  • Try various softnesses or firmnesses. Soft cups tend to not leak as much in my opinion. Soft cups take a little longer to open, but I think they create a better seal.

  • Measure your cervix length with your finger and make sure you get a cup that isn’t too long if you have a lower cervix.

  • DON’T PUT THE CUP IN TOO HIGH, especially if you have a tilted cervix. Place it right past your pubic bone, so the lip of the cup sits right over your pubic bone.

  • Change it every 2 hours on your heavy days.

  • Twist and squeeze the cup until it opens, all while keeping it just above the pubic bone.

  • Do 5-10 kegals to get a seal on the cup once it’s in

  • Wear some menstrual underwear or cloth pads over-night as a safe guard.

  • Insert and change it during a shower if you can. The moisture and warmth from the water will help ease it in. The squatting position helps as well.

I hope these tips help! Let me know if you finally had some success after trying these. Also let me know if you have any questions below!